AIGF will work towards achieving the following objectives:

  • Research and analyze current trends in the Indian Gaming industry and track regulatory, policy and commercial updates
  • Commission and produce reports, knowledge papers and studies on the need to reform Gaming legislations, proposed regulatory changes, socio-economic benefits of allowing various forms of Gaming
  • Analyze International trends of the Gaming, betting and lottery industry
  • Actively engage with governmental agencies and organizations, political parties, civil society groups, jurists, economists and journalists
  • Organize events to create awareness about the issues faced by the Gaming industry and benefits of legalizing Gaming including through organizing seminars, conferences, discussions, press briefings etc
  • Advocate a policy framework to regulate all forms of Gaming and gambling activities
  • Urge for regulation of games of skill, games involving substantial degree of skill and mixed games of skill and chance like poker, rummy, fantasy sports, video games etc. either under a single umbrella legislation or under a separate policy framework
  • Suggest measures to curb problems of gambling addiction, gambling by minors and other social problems associated with gambling
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